Would you be surprised to learn we handle on average 300,000 garment pieces a year at Diamond Dry Cleaners?

Dry cleaning is largely a manual process with little in the way of automation that we have managed to orchestrate nearly flawlessly day-in, day-out.

Chemistry, mechanics, and timing have all been perfected throughout the years to provide an exceptional and consistent dry-cleaning service for our customers. Like almost any other business, our success is often buried in the details - things you might not notice on the surface, but for which you most likely appreciate once you are aware of them…  

  • Hand inspection of every garment for stains, marks, spots, and broken buttons & belt loops
  • Conditioners used to give your fabrics a like-new feel and drape
  • Quality control process for spotting any garment that does not meet our guidelines and hand-processing that piece until our quality guidelines are met
  • We do not poke pins through your clothes to fasten order-numbers to garments 
  • We provide free minor mending & button replacement 
  • We use nine different hangers - each for a specific purpose and all designed to keep your garment looking fresh until you are ready to put it on
  • We use enzyme-solvents specially tailored for low-temperature cleaning with minimal fabric shrinkage and environmental impact
  • Our staff undergoes continual training in both customer service and garment cleaning & handling

Everyone who works here lives in the communities we serve, so it should be of no surprise to you that we are also big community supporters.

Some local organizations we support: