Laundry Service

person loading washing machine

Personal Laundry Service – Free pick-up & delivery

Our laundry pick-up & delivery service lets you spend your time doing the things you want to do – and while we love the satisfaction of cleaning clothes, we doubt laundry-day is high on your list.

Get Your Laundry Done In 3-Steps

  1. Put your laundry in our supplied pick-up bag
  2. Schedule your pick-up online
  3. Put your fresh clothes away once received 
    • Time saver – spend your days how you want
    • Cost-shifting money spent on detergents & laundry sheets makes this even more affordable
    • Brighter colors
    • Brighter whites
    • Folded while still warm to reduce wrinkling
    • We even match your socks!
    • If it would go in your washer - we’ll put it in ours!
    • Economically priced at just $1.95 per pound (min 10lbs)

Call to Schedule Your First Service Today: 401-728-8101

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